Tigerman Renku

tigerman – you would / have me dwell in the prison / of your yellow beard
yours is a tobacco stained / primitive philosophy

tigerman – you melt / the snow on that thick mustache / and make me eat it
when all is said and done – i like / how you wield your neat whiskers

tigerman – i walk / the hard roads of your city / in the oily night
and still you are my only / shop – my only apartment

tigerman – lord of / the snows – harvester of rust / benighted howler
your smoke blacks out the sun as / i fall into the glass sea

tigerman – lay down / your red axe – make camp deep in / the cold pine forest
peel off my skin – oil the meat / and season me with your spice

tigerman – i want / to cut your hair – but you are / too pleased with your tail
to keep from tearing up at / your strong sexual odor

tigerman asleep / at my door – when your snoring / keeps me up all night
i press my face to your black / boots and melt into a dream

tigerman dressed all / in plaid – the winter wind is / a hard silent shell
around us – but then you stop / to piss and the old ice melts

tigerman – i must / be an idiot to ride / the metro with you
you have snow in your eyes and / would see me climb beneath it

tigerman – maker / of fires – hard faced food keeper / moon beard – hairy dog
your musty smell leads me to / the quiet fields inside you

inside the dogman / the tigerman winds like the / road leading away
from home – the night is deep and / a hot yellow moon must come

inside the fishman / the tigerman freezes the / black sea with a roar
and the shards of ice cut a / doorway to his upper shore

inside the bearman / the tigerman climbs his / ladder / to the top of
the pine forest – sunlight – wind / rain – lumber is all he wants

inside the deerman / the tigerman springs out of / the grass soaking wet
his dew is thick – and from the / drops rise strong autumnal weeds

inside the eelman / the tigerman lights his pipe / with birch leaves – thunder
peals like the passing metro / and who then can hear the fire