Illustration of four helmets by Kyousai Kawanabe

New Poems

In Abaculi Project
Gray Roses

In Alcyone (through Amazon Kindle)
Thermal Imprint

In The Disappointed Housewife
Torinozoki (Deinstallation)

In Mirror Dance
The Mollusk Fossils

In Parentheses

In Whatever Our Souls (through Amazon Kindle)
The Extinct Volcano
Kenmashiage (Abrasion)

From The Primitive Observatory

In Blackbird
1900 Gibbon Street
The Age of Miracles
The Succulent Flowers

In Poetry Daily
The Advance of the Glacier

In Verse Daily
Nocturne (Tremors of the Earth)

Magnetic Poems

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Recorded Readings

March 23, 2016, with Allison Titus

Image: Four Helmets, late 19th Century, by Kyousai Kawanabe