Photograph of the remains of a reverbatory furnace in Kagoshima

New Poems

[Utility] ZI” (Impossible Archetype)
▼ Programming [1]” (Niveous)
▼ Programming [4]” (Alcyone—through Amazon Kindle)
Abandonment” (Parentheses)
Cancellation” (Carbon Culture Review)
Dried Orchids” (Rune Bear)
Gray Roses” (Abaculi Project)
Intolerance” (Alcyone—through Amazon Kindle)
Invocation // The Beast That Ends the Sequence at Zero” (Carbon Culture Review)
Symbiosis” (Parentheses)
Thermal Imprint” (Alcyone—through Amazon Kindle)
Translation: Wrath・Redox.” (Rune Bear)
Zero Standard” (Masque & Spectacle)

Dog-faced Man Sequence
Chūdanten (Breakpoint)” (Carbon Culture Review)
Kenmashiage (Abrasion)” (Whatever Our Souls—through Amazon Kindle)
Torinozoki (Deinstallation)” (The Disappointed Housewife)

Sous-Terrain Sequence
The Extinct Volcano” (Whatever Our Souls—through Amazon Kindle)
The Mollusk Fossils” (Mirror Dance)
The Oiled Whetstone” (Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry)
The Slumbering Whale” (Carbon Culture Review)

From The Primitive Observatory

1900 Gibbon Street” (Blackbird)
The Advance of the Glacier” (Poetry Daily)
The Age of Miracles” (Blackbird)
Nocturne (Tremors of the Earth)” (Verse Daily)
The Succulent Flowers” (Blackbird)

Magnetic Poems

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Image: Sendanen no Hansharo Ato, 8-11-2011, by Takashi Koike