Incan Drone Theory


we have the same dream / every night sleeping on / this side of the door
dr soma and his black / dog come in through the window

in the still air – they / are one cloud of blue breath that / falls on our faces
we become like the dead / beneath / this anaesthesia

out on the dry field / a roaming moon pulls the green / from grass and eats it
cold light that seeps into the / eye is a material

will the dr / harvest / our tears to make the / noisome / ice flower bloom
the dog leans in and laps up / the water like melted snow

and with that the / dr / smiles – he barks out – come on / to his animal
and as they leave then by our / door – the spring becomes winter

every morning / the rain is colder than it / was the day before
through the window – we see / garden / insects drop from the weeds

and the door will not open – i / sit by you / yellowing / like the plants
while you and the cat stare / into / the hard mouth of morning

the day comes when the / heating is out and we have / no wood for a fire
the cat says – the ice flower / is blooming – can you hear it

tonight while you sleep / i will walk beneath the door / and become your eyes
cry if you want to – but by / morning – someone will be dead

as the sun freezes / into a black whisper – the / dream comes to our house
but while the dog is at our / window – the cat slips outside

thunder is rustling / above our yard – the road to / the west is purple
and owls without faces rest / atop the concrete people

riding the stream – the / cat comes to a wild shore – a / walking fish lives there
the sea can be hell – it says / but my rusty skin is sound

the cat says – i can / see in your eye a seed of / light – give it to me
but before the fish can say / no – the cat eats its one eye

this has become the / cats dream – and will that field have / an early harvest
rain falls on the inland sea / the blue forest is asleep

the sound of a fish / crying is like a / dandelion / in the wind
for the cat wearing the eye / it will always be summer