Semen married them. And
within a week, H was
removed to the small island
separated from the mainland

by seven miles, a poor place
where great ships never
put in to trade. He was
in the company of geysers.


Pleasure he never lacked.
He was rich in degradation
and became a bony, ragged-
eared pony. On the beach

with the count, he kissed
and had come in his
face. He was idle and
accepted his helplessness.


He thought, “My husband
would see me living in
a hovel.” Here at world’s
end, farther than whale-fishing,

he sank. He was doomed
to be broken. If he
only had a boat and a captain
in the harbor to buy him.


In a shrill voice, he told
the glistening sea, “I
shall be beholden to
no one.” A captain then came

from the beach, grunted,
and smoked. H dropped to
his knees before him and spent
himself: the price of a new life.